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The scorecard will measure you against The 7 Degrees of Business:

Personal Mastery

Are you in control of your day?


Do you have a clear vision for your clinic?


How good is your team engagement?


How systemised is your business?


Do you track the important numbers?


Do you have a predictable number of new patients?


Are you providing amazing experiences?

Uncover your strengths and weaknesses

The Assess Your Clinic™ Scorecard gives you a rating for each of the 7 Degrees of Business that you need to master.

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Find out how you rate in each area of the 7 Degrees of business.

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Once your score has been calculated, our system will produce a tailored report with specific actions for how to improve your score.

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When you grow your clinic by focusing on each of the 7 Degrees you can achieve a sustainable level of mastery.
With this report, you can identify where you are in each of these areas of business, and what you can do to bring yourself to the next level.

"It’s just so practical, reasonable and achievable"
Marion Giddy, Cooee Speech, Qld
"This Scorecard gives you the benchmark for how you rate alongside other clinics and practical strategies to grow your clinic."
Daniel Gibbs, Founding Director of Clinic Mastery
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